SAKURA – Analog Multiple Exposure Photographs – Hasselblad 500C

Analog multiple exposure photograph of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) and the Binnenalster on Fujifilm Pro 400H 120 film.

Sakura - Cherry Blossoms with Binnenalster in Background

This one was multi-exposed after the development process and not in-camera.

Old Paris – 1889 World’s Fair in Paris – Stereoscopic Photograph

The following stereoscopic photograph was taken during the 1889 or 1990 world fair in Paris (L’Exposition Universelle de Paris). Millions of People came to see the new inventions as talking film, matryoshka dolls, diesel engines etc.

I’ll be sharing couple of stereoscopic photographs in the following months, which show the impact, the world’s fair had on culture – especially when it comes to architecture. It was a perfect figurehead for Art Nouveau.