Notre Dame – Paris – Stereoscopic Photograph

The following stereoscopic photograph of Notre Dame in Paris was taken around 1900 or maybe during the world’s fair in Paris in 1889. To look at it through a ICA Stereoviewer is simply breathtaking and pure joy but I hope the following Video will give you the same feeling about that stereo.

I enjoy it a lot, to look at old photographs, especially at architecture and landscape shots. It makes my mind travel back in time and I’m trying to imagine how live must have been in that particular time. It also shows perfectly what power lies in photography especially if it’s used to capture historic events. We can freeze moments in time and travel back whenever we want to.



The day I started to take multiple exposure shots with a Hasselblad I had this vision of a multi-exposed windmill in mind.

I took around 20 exposure from different angles + one exposure while rotating the camera.

A multiple exposure of a windmill on Fuji Pro 400H Film

This photograph was multi-exposed in camera on Fuji Pro400H 120 film and not after the development process.